Homebuyers Toolkit

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 iHomeBuyer Features

The Must Have Tool for Anyone Shopping for a Home


Get an Inside Look at the Neighborhood/District Before You Buy

  • GPS lookup provides custom reports on neighborhood demographics, strengths, and potential concerns
  • Get important information and advice for any neighborhood in the US including tax info, access to schools, parks, etc.



Keep Track of What You’ve Seen, What You Like, and Potential Issues 

  • Keep a log of each address you’ve visited including map tagging
  • Take and organize pictures of homes
  • Add voice recorded or typed notes to pictures to create reminders or share with experts
  • Take video with voice and or typed notes for reminders of home (Future Release)
  • Built-in document scanner tool allows you to scan pertinent house docs, brochure, purchase agreement, agents business cards and more that you can print or email from home computer.


See, Share, Rate, and Compare Homes with Friends and Family

  • Fun and helpful rating system allows you to get input from trusted sources and quantify results
  • Rate properties by exterior, yards, compare living rooms, kitchen, baths, etc.


Condition & Documentation:
Flag Issues for Follow-up and Avoid Costly Mistakes:

  • Get insights on common underlying home issues that need to be looked at before a decision is made
  • Avoid costly repairs and mistakes by logging voice or typed notes and other concerns that a professional inspector can explain.
  • Built-in level tool allows you to check suspect systems/areas like counters, walls, floors that may not be level (32% of home insurance claims are structure related far and away the most common!)
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